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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bartering 101

So I mentioned I am's a little glimpse into my adventures so you can see why I have been tagged with this title.

I have incredibly bad luck with health...for years I had something bad enough to treat but not bad enough to do anything serious about...also known as pure suffering! 10 years until I got a diagnosis, which turned out to be a really serious thing all along! Never mind the fact they overlooked it for 10 years, I had an answer and was anxious for treatment. When I do something that's important to me, I go all out. So for my health, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, which was an incredibly hilarious trip in itself. Anyway, I stayed a day later than expected due to my plane filling up and me being on standby. I am convinced if I had been on my A-game, I would've been able to convince them to let me sit somewhere on the plane. But, I was tired, so I gave in and got a hotel that night. So the next day when I got back to the airport (still 2 hours from home), I realized I had $18 in cash left, my debit card, and some business cards in my wallet. When it was $20 to get my car out of parking and they didn't accept cards, I almost lost my composure and cried. However, just at the perfect time, I noticed a large amount of Splenda packets I had retrieved from one of my many I asked the kind girl, "Ya like Splen-DA?" and boy was I in luck, because she did! I traded her all my packs of Splenda for her $2 and got my car out of the parking deck. Score! I giggled about it to myself for the rest of the 2 hour drive home and was very proud to tell the story at work the next day.

What I was not so excited to tell about or even think about ever again was the horrible hotel experience. There was this tiny door in the bathroom and I had a difficult time falling asleep because I was convinced it was a secret elevator for a leprechaun and that it was going to come in my room while I was sleeping and rub it's nubbins on my face. Even though I pulled the handle really hard to make sure it wasn't coming open, who knows what kind of secret leprechaun keys there are...I'm not taking my chances.

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