summer paisley

Monday, December 3, 2012

Well, I've been MIA

I haven't had much of a chance to document the randomness happening in my life lately, which is terribly sad. I know I won't remember a lot of gems to share with the world.

One that comes to mind, though, is during the week or shenanigans outside my house...because I was trying to do yard work. I'm not an outdoor enthusiast, or one for manual labor, or really sweating in general. But, being a single head-of-household person, I had to "man-up". The first incident I will share includes one of my dogs, you might remember me saying I had dachshunds. They are trouble.

I had them off-leash because they were being good...until I started sawing off a branch from one of our trees. Lexie, the big one, took advantage of the opportunity and bolted off. It's 5:30 on a weekday. Families are out walking with their kids. I don't think long enough to drop the saw, so I have it in-tow as I chase Lex through the neighborhood. People were staring, which got my attention, and I realized I was waving the saw around in the air like it was a prize. I proceeded to add to my requests for Lex's return to, "QUIT MAKING ME LOOK CRAZY!" I got plenty of laughs. And less trick-or-treaters this year than any year before...