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Thursday, September 15, 2011

You say "obsessed" like it's a bad thing.

It's been a while since I've shared any randomness. Not that anyone is following this blog, but I know one day people will and they'll be like, where did she go? Well, I've been working - a lot. I'm in the creative field, so there are some weeks I'll go MIA for a project that requires all of my time when I should be sleeping and eating. I love what I do.

So the blog that inspired me to start chronicling my random times had a post one day about how the writer ran across a huge metal chicken in a homegoods store and purchased the 6 foot glorious beast and named it Beyonce'. Ever since then, my life has been changed. I long for a Beyonce' of my own, but I have not been able to find one. However, tomorrow I'm making a pit stop on my little weekend get-away to try to find one and I am so excited! The guy I'm dating for some reason took offense when I said I couldn't wait til Beyonce' shop (I will be seeing him, too, afterwards). Apparently, I'm "obsessed with Beyonces"...and he says it like it's bad. I don't see the problem! So many people are obsessed with things like drugs, alcohol, or YES! dancing until they pass out, but not me. I just want a huge-ass metal chicken. I even made a no soliciting sign for my door that excluded those who might be selling Beyonce' door to door. However, I have not found any literature or contact information from any Beyonce' salesmen...I think the boy-toy has destroyed them before I found them. With not much spare time, you can see why I am greatly disappointed that I am still Beyonce'-less and looking forward to my shopping trip tomorrow so much. I even have the kid excited about it! Monumental.

Speaking of drugs, I have a theory that one of my contractors for work is running a drug cartel. The first thing that gives it away is that he's a small man. Clearly, this benefits him because he can fit in small spaces. He is a little chunky, but I suppose that is from him just now switching to crack. He has not yet had the time to reap it's weight-loss benefits. Tonight he even mentioned catching a guy doing cocaine in his shop. Clearly, he's guilty. I just wonder...why isn't he sharing?

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